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PostSubject: Please Read +Update+   Please Read +Update+ EmptySat Nov 03, 2012 11:21 pm

Alright. Time for some explaining...
IK is, as of now, a dead halt.

I am making this announcement and decision myself, because Blade doesn't seem to visit this site anymore. I haven't caught site of Rosie either.

Long story short. Blade is extremely stressed out and busy with certain events in his life. I'm not gonna disclose any details at this time except that it wont be a quick fix. It's gonna take a while.

I am unable to code much, so I am unable to help develop the game itself. My job is to oversee members and deal with affiliations/advertisements/staff hiring. I'm basically our communications worker.

Yet with my laptop currently about to bust, I may not be able to access this place at all soon, and I don't have the money at this time to pay for a new one.

I apologize on behalf of our whole team, that these events came up so quickly and unexpectedly that we were basically blindsided. I cannot say at this time whether IK will ever become a server or not. It breaks my heart to have to tell you all that, but until further notice, IK is at a standstill. There is nothing any of us can do to avoid doing this. Things have just gotten very, very messy.

If you guys have any questions for Blade or me, send me a pm. I have his phone number, and I will try to bring it up with him.
However, I cannot promise you an answer from Blade himself. I will try my best, though.

I'm amazed at the loyalty of our current members. You guys are just undoubtedly awesome, and I feel like we owe you something, but we are unable to pay that debt. Thanks for being so understanding, loyal, and kind.

I will update you guys if anything changes.



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Please Read +Update+
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